Eileen Goudge’s new novel, SWIMSUIT BODY released June 7. #BookReview

I have super great news to share!

Swimsuit Body by Eileen Goudge was released to readers on June 7th. Wooo-Hoooo!

Eileen New Author Photo Finalsmall


For those of you who follow my blog, you know about my friendship with Eileen. I’ve written about our vacations together every January at her beach house in California with “the Beach Babes,” a fabulous group of fellow writers and crazy amazing friends. So to see another one of her novels released to the public makes me feel so incredibly happy because I think the WORLD of Eileen and I want everyone I know to go out and buy a copy of her book. I read an advance copy of Swimsuit Body and it’s awesome. At the bottom of this post, I’ve written a book review and if you want to read a sample of the first chapter – I’ve got that, too. Swimsuit Body is a great book. Pick up a copy. You’re gonna love it.

And congratulations, Eileen!!! Mwah! xxoo

SwimsuitBodyCoverBeloved New York Times–bestselling author Eileen Goudge’s new novel, Swimsuit Body (Open Road Media; June 7, 2016), is a captivating mystery starring intrepid and hilariously flawed property manager Tish Ballard, whose client’s beachfront home becomes a headline-making crime scene.

The normally sleepy California seaside town of Cypress Bay has been descended upon by a swarm of Hollywood elite, just as a movie is set to begin filming. Tish welcomes her first celebrity tenant, Delilah Ward, who isn’t your typical spoiled actress; she’s America’s sweetheart, and a recent widow. Delilah is fresh out of rehab and with that, Tish can relate—she’s four years sober and has put her wild and messy days behind her.

Tish is devastated when she finds the young starlet in a pool of blood next to her rented mansion’s swimming pool. This isn’t Tish’s first wrong-place, wrong-time incident, so she launches her own investigation—against the wishes of her former teenage crush, homicide detective Spence Breedlove. Soon she infiltrates the movie’s cast and crew, which include Delilah’s eerily efficient personal assistant, the actress’s sexy costar, and the film’s predatory director. When her own life is threatened, Tish vows to do whatever it takes to lure the crafty killer out of hiding.


Eileen Goudge is one of the most successful women’s fiction writers of our time—and is back in her prime with Swimsuit Body. She mines much of her fiction from her own storied life: from welfare mom to New York Times bestselling author. She’s rubbed elbows with everyone from Stephen Hawking to Coretta Scott King, and is now happily married to Sandy Kenyon, a TV reporter whom she met through an interview for one of her books.

Eileen Goudge also helped launch the phenomenally successful Sweet Valley High series, and in 1986 she published her first adult novel, the New York Times bestseller Garden of Lies. She has published fifteen novels, including Thorns of Truth—a sequel to Garden of Lies—and 2012’s The Replacement Wife. She lives in New York City.

by Eileen Goudge
Publication Date: June 7, 2016
Trade Paperback Original: 978-1-5040-2873-8 / $14.99 Ebook: 978-1-5040-2872-1 / $7.99

by Eileen Goudge


Read an Excerpt of SWIMSUIT BODY – Chapter One


Cypress Bay property manager Tish Ballard was tending to business, doing what property managers do, when she discovers the bloodied corpse of actress Delilah Ward. But who’d want to kill Delilah Ward?

Readers of Eileen Goudge’s first Cypress Bay Mystery, Bones and Roses, will know Tish’s backstory and understand her first instincts to solve Delilah’s murder—but you don’t need to have Bones and Roses on your bookshelf to understand what drives Tish in this stand-alone novel of murder in Cypress Bay. Eileen sprinkles backstory and character crumbs here and there, giving readers of Swimsuit Body a thorough understanding of Tish and her drive to solve the mystery. But then, Eileen raises the stakes for main character Tish, by having someone close to Tish implicated in the murder. Now Tish has no choice but to get involved and stay involved.

What I’ve always loved about Eileen’s writing, I found in this book: an interesting cast of secondary characters and storylines to keep you entertained while captivating you with the primary storyline. (I especially love Ivy and Spence and found Brianna to be a complicated mess of a person—but an absolute hoot to read.)

Every page brims with story development and discovery so even the most avid reader of murder mysteries will be hard pressed to figure out who did it. You read, wondering who killed Delilah Ward, while also wondering about other events and things-gone-awry, like where Tish’s schizoaffective brother, Arthur, has gone with his new friend (and romantic interest?), the much older Gladys Sedgwick. Gladys, a “geriatric cougar,” has a granddaughter that’s a year older than Arthur, so her motives are questionable and Arthur needs both medication and routine to remain stabilized. With each turn of the page, Tish’s life is complicated with a flurry of activity from Tish’s comrades, handsome detective Spence, the press, and those close to Delilah Ward who arrive to muck up the investigation with their own brand of crazy.

Be warned. You can’t put this book down. Every time I tried, I’d (foolishly) take a peek at the first sentence of the chapter that awaited me and yup! another reason to keep reading. Here’s a taste of some chapter openers: “In my line of work, surprises are never good.” From another chapter: “I stand frozen, my mind refusing to believe what my eyes are seeing.” And another: “The following morning, I wake to all hell breaking loose.” One more: “I start, my heart racing.” And then there’s this: “What the hell is going on?”

Early on, I thought I knew who did it . . . and then I changed my mind three times. In the end, it wasn’t who I expected at all. I love trying to figure things out almost as much as I love getting stumped and then pleasantly surprised.

My advice? Grab both books in Eileen Goudge’s Cypress Bay Mystery series. You don’t have to read them in order – but if you can, read Bones and Roses first, and then Swimsuit Body. You’ll get hooked on these mysteries, hooked on Tish Ballard, hooked on Eileen Goudge. But then, with a gazillion fiction titles already written, I’m sure you’re already hooked on Eileen Goudge. I know I am.

Learn more about Eileen Goudge by visiting her website.

Read an Excerpt: SWIMSUIT BODY by @EileenGoudge


“Eileen Goudge writes like a house on fire, creating characters you come to love and hate to leave.” —Nora Roberts “Expect to become immersed with the indomitable heroine, Tish Ballard, the cast of colorful secondary characters, and Eileen Goudge’s trademark … Continue reading

Telling Stories With #BookTitles

So . . . yes. I spend a lot of time in bookstores. And sometimes . . . browsing all of those book titles starts to sound like NEW book titles. Or at least, little stories or snippets of conversation.

So I move things around a bit, just for kicks. And then I look at what I’ve created and
I laugh and laugh and laugh. It’s true. I do it all the time.

Because hey, when it comes to bookstores, I’m a party girl.

Don’t worry. I always return the books to their rightful place on the shelves.

But if I owned a bookstore – I’d use book covers to write little stories to my customers.

My bookshelves would look like THIS:


Heaven is paved with Oreos. Side effects may vary.


“If you were here . . .”
“I was here!”


Perfectionists — you’re making me HATE you!!!

and then there’s this

Imperfectionists — you’re making me HATE you!!!



Family life. Tortures of the damned.


Couponing: The One-Page Financial Plan


Even when you lie to me like it never happened, I text dead people.


What the lady wants? You guessed it.

And, yup!

Blood line. The human stain.

(Oh, come on. It’s funny!)


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