Heard about the 85K Writing Challenge?

IMAGE: 85K Writing Challenge ParticipantHeard about the 85K Writing Challenge?

The 85K Writing Challenge began as a small Facebook group, running our first 85K during the first 90 days of 2016. Our goal was simple. Write 85,000 words in 90 days – January through March.

Writing 85,000 words in 90 days requires a commitment to write about 1,000 words (four typed pages), every day, for three months. Of course, many days, writers will write more than 1,000 words, setting themselves solidly on track to complete the challenge in the time allotted. Busy life? Can’t write every day? The 90-day time frame gives writers plenty of time to catch up when distractions and other commitments interrupt.

If you haven’t joined the 85K Writing Challenge, it’s certainly not too late.

Start today. And if you need to take a break, it’s easy to catch up.

The great thing about a 90-day challenge is the ability to join late and take a break when needed. For instance, writers starting on February 1 and writing 85,000 words through March 31 have a daily writing pace of only 1440 words. Slightly more than the writers who began on January 1.

Still a grassroots effort, in 2017, we’re growing; expanding our program from a 90-day writing challenge to a comprehensive 12-month writing system.

Our goal will always be the writing of 85,000 words in 90 days every January through March, but for those writers wishing to continue, our broader mission is to embrace the writing life throughout the year by advancing the practice of productive writing from first word to first reader.

What a year looks like on the 85K Writing Challenge:

Beginning in January and ending in December, the yearlong 85K Writing Challenge moves through a series of five productivity “cycles.” A 90-Day Write cycle (also called the 85K Writing Challenge), a 60-Day Edit cycle, a 60-Day Prep cycle, a 60-Day Publish cycle, and three strategically scheduled 30-Day Finish cycles. In May 2017, a customized 85K Solo program will launch, designed for writers with a timeline that’s different from the calendar we follow on the website.

IMAGE: 85K Writing Challenge Year At A Glance Graphic

In 2017, we’re expanding our reach, too, hoping to connect with other writers through the development of social media channels, and a new website, which launched on January 1, 2017. We’ll have our hands full writing 85,000 words in 90 days while also building a community from the ground up. But hey, we’re the 85K. We’re up for the challenge.

Check us out:

Private Fb Group
Twitter @85K90


Commonly asked questions:

Why 85,000 words? Eighty-five thousand words is the average length of an adult novel.

Why January through March? The spirit of the New Year strengthens the resolve to write; it’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, a good time to “hunker down” and focus on large projects; and there are no major holidays in the first quarter of the calendar year to compete with writing time.

Why expand the 85K Writing Challenge from a 90-day challenge to a 12-month system? Writing challenges are valuable, but so is continued support once the rough draft has been written.

85K Writing Challenge: Embracing the writing life by advancing the practice of productive writing from first word to first reader.

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The Quiet Beauty of Library Cards

Beginning with the not-so-quiet command from the Chicago Public Library, DO NOT LOSE THIS CARD, I have to wonder . . . what’ll happen if I lose this card? And did they know way back then that typing in ALL CAPS would some day be considered shouting? I mean, my gosh. Quiet voices people.

libraryart1 libraryart14

Love the paper airplanes covered with words. Look closely. Made from paper from the card catalogue? No? An index, maybe? Far more interesting than a plain-piece-of-paper paper airplane. I have a scene in my next book about paper airplanes made from the pages of a book. 

* * * * *

And then there’s this. From a time when familial status followed you everywhere. Wonder why Mrs. English needed goggles. To spy on the family living on the other side of the number 19? And, okay, fine. Maybe it’s technically not a library card. But she did check something out . . . AFTER having to disclose her marital status and the quantity and age of her three children. Although, I’m glad she didn’t give the precise dates of birth for her two dependent children. Because why is that important? They’re just goggles.


* * * * *


Love that the lawless vandal seeking to destroy public property doodled a girl with the same physical aesthetics of the time. Barbie made her début at the American International Toy Fair in New York on March 9, 1959. I’d love to see the dates further down the card because I think Barbie was on the mind of the criminal who committed this senseless act of fashion graffiti against the library filing system. I mean, my gosh. The card clearly had to be cancelled after THAT happened.



What is this world coming to . . . people doodling on an envelope.

I wonder if the woman drawn on the card enjoyed reading Gulliver’s Travels. By the expression on her face, I think not. And I wonder if Barbie was ever issued a library card. She probably was. That chick’s done it all.

* * * * *




* * * * *

Okay, so this next one’s a bit odd. November 14, 184- something. I can’t make out what that number is. But it’s a good thing no one drew a Barbie face on this Pennsylvania Hospital Medical Library Privilege Certificate. If you read the fine print at the bottom, penalties were stiff back then.

Lessons from the Pennsylvania Hospital? Do what the librarian tells you. Librarians are badass.


* * * * *

I love this next one. I’d hang it on my wall if I could. The colors, the cascading shapes the date stamps make. There’s a quiet beauty found in simple instructions.


* * * * *

And what’s this? A librarian in a library made a library card about a library?

How meta.


* * * * *

But seriously, really. This next one? Not lying: If I were a librarian, I’d spend like ALL DAY trying to figure this one out.

No. 306?

No . . . maybe No. 307 is better.

It’s ruled like No. 306, but with BLUE lines . . . Hm.

Maybe I should go with No. 311. No. 311 doesn’t have lines. But wait. Do I want lines?


* * * * *

Not much to say about his next one except THANKS, Peabody Visual Aids. I was wondering what the


was trying to tell us.

libraryart9 libraryart10 libraryart14-jpg

* * * * *

So enough about how the system works.

Let’s look at this next one: Camus, Albert. Born 1913.

Errrrrr, ummmm, well. Golly gee. I almost feel bad for the poor chap. Seems someone went in with a blue pen to update the card . . .

Know this: Librarians are thorough.


* * * * *

This final library card is my favorite. Why? Because Jerome David S. wrote one of my all-time favorite books. Like, EVER. I even named my first son after the main character in the book referenced on this card. (First daughter? She’s named after Jane Austen’s Emma.)

The quiet beauty of this library card?

The brief, blissful moments of happiness I feel every time I look at it. The feeling of urgent importance in the words DO NOT DISCARD. Because this library card, this quiet, beautiful library card – unlike the blue ink on the ill-fated Albert Camus library card – let’s me pretend this great writer is still alive.


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