2017 Writing Goals

2017 Writing Goals

What are your writing goals for 2017? Do you have any? Are you making any? Most of my 2017 writing goals are already in progress. My hope for 2017 is the landing of a few of the proverbial “balls” I’ve thrown in the air. I’m ready for things to start happening in my life. Ready for some of my hard work to (hopefully) pay off . . .


My 2017 Writing Goals

2017 Writing Goal #1: Find a publisher for my début novel.

Status of this Goal: Progressing. Quite nicely, actually. I just wish it was progressing a bit faster . . .

2017 Writing Goal #2: Grow the 85K Writing Challenge from a private Facebook group onto its own website in time for the January – March 2017 writing challenge. Think you can write 85,000 words in 90 days? Join us! Let’s do this thing.

Status of this Goal: Also progressing. Quite nicely. Hope to have a landing page up in a few days at 85K90.com. Curious? I hope so. Official launch of the website will be January 1, 2017 but content will begin to roll out over the coming 60 days. There’s an unbelievable amount of prep work and production happening behind the scenes right now. So while there isn’t much of a web presence at the moment – that will soon change.

2017 Writing Goal #3: Finish my second novel during the 85K Writing Challenge.

Status of this Goal: Already started. I’ve written myself well into the story and am working from a fully developed outline so I should meet my goal of finishing this novel by March 31, 2017. Wish me luck!

So now it’s your turn. What are you wanting to accomplish in 2017?

Tell us your 2017 Writing Goals.

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14 thoughts on “2017 Writing Goals

  1. Lovely to see your own goals up here alongside other hoppers. Excited by the sound of #1 although can understand timing may be out of your hands. The new website launch is undoubtedly a tonne of work. Very best of luck.

    • Thank you, Pauline!

      It’s a strange feeling to be working so hard on a few projects OFFLINE – makes me wonder if my ONLINE life makes me look like I’m not doing anything at all!

  2. I am so looking forward to reading book one in its entirety (as opposed to small yet hilarious snippets at the beach) and crossing my fingers your goal is achieved! See you in 76 days 🙂

    • I’m going to print that sucker out and carry it with me to California. And then I’m going to slam it down on the kitchen table as PROOF the crazy thing is done and waiting to be read by readers. Grrrrrr… snail’s pace!

  3. Great goals Julie, I really hope you manage them and I am looking forward to the 85K in 90 days challenge 😀

  4. Good luck with your goals, Julie! Not sure yet if I’ll be joining you for the 85K challenge, but I’m considering it and I’m excited that you’re putting it together. Can’t wait to see the new site!!

    • Would love to have you on the 85K Writing Challenge – but even if you decide not to write – please join the community and cheer us on. We can use all the support we can get. Big task ahead! 🙂 And besides, the more the merrier. Let’s party!

  5. Wait. What? There’s an 85K challenge? And I thought NaNo’s 50K was brutal! I mean, sure, there’s more time, but…85K is an entire book! LOL who knows, though? I might join you. I have an idea percolating in my noggin’ that wants to be let out. January might be the time! In the meantime, looking forward to seeing your other goals come to fruition! xo

  6. Julie, can’t wait to read your book. Must let me promote it on one of my blogs! Need to check out the 85K Writing Challenge, first I’ve heard of it. (I’m slow since I am always self-absorbed!!!). Thanks for this wonderful blog hop.

  7. You rock!
    And I’ll be first in line to buy your book when (not if) it becomes available!
    Thank you for being so awesome and for all you do for our writing community. Did I tell you, you rock?

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