Best Blog Posts for Writers

Writers:ย Here’s a List of My Highest Ranking, Best Blog Posts for Writers

Hey, I totally understand. You’re busy and don’t have time to go searching. So here’s a list of my bestย blog posts for writers.

Hope you enjoy.

1 Global Amazon Link – Reaches All Books
Write a Great Book Title
Book Piracy: Good or Bad?
Be Seen on Google+ How to Get a Google+ Vanity URL
How to Create Outstanding Social Media Pages
Judging a Book by its Cover: Resources to Get You Started – Social Media Site for Great Writing
Harness the Power of Twitter’s Search Engine
Have You Watched? Seth Godin’s “Rethinking the Publishing Industry”
15 Advanced Twitter Search Tips
Flash Fiction – Sources to Get You Started
5 Ingredients for Writing Great Dialogue
Twitter Content Strategy: Develop an Editorial Calendar
Use Twitter to Find an Agent/Publisher with Pitch Madness #PitMad
Watch & Learn: Authors Pitch Agents/Publishers on #PitMad
Analysis of Amazon’s Announcement: Kindle Unlimited
Hot Topics from the London Book Fair
Blog Hops: Comprehensive List of Benefits
100+ Pins on my “2015 Reading Challenges” #Pinterest Board
Must See Innovations in Storytelling
National Readathon Day: Make #timetoread
50+ Pins on my #WritingPrompts Board
Serial Fiction

8 thoughts on “Best Blog Posts for Writers

  1. I’ve read a large proportion of these and can confirm they are wonderful sources of writerly information. And although I did know what Hump Day meant, I had never seen the Geico camel until introduced by you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yay! I’ve been bookmarked. You’re the bestest, Shelly. I add to this one list so the one bookmark should do the trick.

      Thanks so much. I’m crazy-super-huge flattered! ๐Ÿ™‚

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