June is Audiobooks Month

Are we really one week shy of July?
What the heck happened to June?
Is 2014 halfway over? Shesh! Where’d the time go?
Well let me start finish by saying: June is Audiobooks Month.Woo-Hoo!
Source: www.emilysreadingroom.com

Source: www.emilysreadingroom.com

Many of you remember my Audible Audiobooks Narrator Talks Book Recording February 17, 2014 post featuring Lee Ann Howlett, Audible audiobooks narrator.
Lee Ann’s a frequent visitor to my book blog so I tracked her down during this busy month to ask her three questions…
Welcome, Lee Ann!Thanks sharing your insights and hot industry news.

Question #1 from Julie: What kind of activities are happening in the blogosphere to celebrate audiobooks?

leeannhowlettLee Ann’s Response: Lots of giveaways, Julie!  One of the best ways to find out where the giveaways/drawings are is to check Twitter for hashtag #audiomonth.  A giveaway that is going on all summer long is the annual SYNC Young Adult Literature into Your
Headphones.  The giveaway began the week of May 15th and continues through August 13th.  Each week two free downloads are offered.  One is a contemporary book and the other is a classic.  Check it out here.  You can sign up on the site to be notified by email when the latest books are released.

Response from Julie: Yes, that’s right, Lee Ann! I learned about that giveaway when I was in New York at BookExpo. It’s a huge giveaway stirring up all kinds of “buzz!” I’m still imaging great “pairings” and really enjoy thinking about this type of event. So glad you mentioned it here for my readers.


Question #2 from Julie: I had so much fun chatting with you about your audiobooks back in February. What’s going on at Audible and ACX these days? Have they made any major changes in their platform? How about Iambik and Librivox? Any industry news to report?

leeannhowlettLee Ann’s Response: ACX has lowered the percentage that narrators and rights holders (authors) split for royalty share projects.  It was previously 25% each after ACX took their 50% cut.  Now ACX has increased their share to 60% which leaves narrators and rights holders with 20% each.  Because of this, there is more competition for books that pay up front (per finished hour) and books that offer stipends ($100 per finished hour plus royalty shares).

Iambik is working almost exclusively with textbooks now.  LibriVox is still rolling along as a great site for free audiobooks that are in the Public Domain.  (Books published before 1923 in the U.S.)  There are some smaller publishers that also publish classics on Audible.  One of these is Audio Books by Mike Vendetti.  I’ve recorded several short stories and a couple of books through him that are on sale at Audible.

Response from Julie: Such great information, Lee Ann. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on the audiobooks community.


Question #3 from Julie: So what’s up with you? How are you celebrating Audiobooks Month? Any snazzy giveaways you want to share with my book blog readers?

leeannhowlettLee Ann’s Response: I’m currently holding a giveaway/drawing for the winner’s choice of one of my recorded books on Audible.  They can be found here.  The drawing will be held on June 30th and two winners will be selected at random.  To enter, just head to my blog here.  If anyone has a problem leaving a comment on my blog, just message me via my website here and I’ll make sure your name is in the pot.  I’ve also advertised the drawing on Goodreads so that’s another place people can enter — here.

So, you can see that there’s still lots going on — not just in June but all summer long!

Lee Ann


Thanks for the visit, Lee Ann, and thanks for the great information about the many happenings during Audiobooks Month.

Folks, June ain’t over yet! There’s more great information for you on Lee Ann’s blog. Click here and through the magic of social media you’ll be zoomed away!

Happy Audiobooks Month Everyone!

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BookBuzz, BookExpo, AudioBook Month, Hoopla . . .

HUMPDAYLOWRES Okay, I seriously need a day between Saturday and Sunday that no one knows about but me.

No, really. I’d love to have 24 hours of uninterrupted blog posting because there’s just so much I want to share with you about my recent trip to BookExpo America in New York City and so many books I’ve recently read and need to review.

Welcome to today’s Hump Day Books Post. It’s Wednesday. Let’s talk books.

BookExpo America (BEA) was a blast – but hands down, the best part was connecting with friends at BookBuzz.

I especially enjoyed rooming with book blogger extraordinaire, Melissa Amster of Chick Lit Central and meeting fellow book blogger, Marlene Engel of Book Mama Blog. The three of us walked back to our hotels after the BookBuzz event, stopping long enough to snap this late night photo:

(From L to R) Melissa Amster, Julie Valerie, Marlene Engel

(From L to R) Melissa Amster, Julie Valerie, Marlene Engel

BookBuzz organizers Meredith Schorr (on left in photo below), Samantha Stroh Bailey (center) and Francine LaSala (right) did a great job of organizing the event. Here’s a late night photo (it’s dark, I know) taken after the event: MeredithSamFrancine It was so great connecting with these great writers featured at this event: Francine LaSala * Samantha Stroh Bailey *Meredith Schorr * Holly Peterson * Cat Lavoie * Lydia Laceby * Chantel Guertin * Samantha March * Glynis Astie * Sheryn MacMunn * Lynn Marie Hulsman * k.c. wilder * Marissa Stapley * Heather Wardell * Deborah Schwartz BookBuzz Okay, okay, I know. Another lousy photo. But hey! I’m sorry… It was dark and it was late. Oh, who’m I kidding? I took lousy photos the entire week. Oh, dang.

On to BookExpo America (BEA) . . . My gosh, was it crowded.     FRIDAYCHOSEN010 A few highlights from BookExpo:

Interested in distributing your book far and wide? Keep an eye on the HOOPLA platform from Midwest Tape and its new app for ebook lending in the library market. Right now, much of the lending in the library market is a one copy/one user model but HOOPLA will work more like Netflix offering library readers instant availability, 24/7, and every time a book is borrowed the publisher gets paid. While this model of book lending is offered by other vendors, Midwest Tape has captured approximately 70% of the library media materials market so their entry will make waves.

I didn’t get a chance to really dive in and learn more about rights@pubmatch powered by RightsLink – but they sure caught my eye for their complete rights system and one-stop-shopping website. Originally launched April 1, 2014 this service is on my list of things I want to know more about. Here’s a little snippet from their website:

“For large publishers, it means giving new life to your mid and backlist titles that aren’t actively being sold anymore. For independent authors, it means being able to sell rights without the need for representation.  For agents, it presents a whole new model for selling rights.”  

Visit www.PubMatch.com

Source: www.emilysreadingroom.com

Source: www.emilysreadingroom.com

June is Audiobook Month and SYNC www.audiobooksync.com is giving away two audiobook YA downloads each week for the summer (ending August 14, 2014).

I learned about them at BookExpo and this is what I found interesting:

(1) the pairing of a Young Adult title with a related Classic or required Summer Reading title; (2) the marketing toolbox developed to promote the program; (3) the idea that this format of promotion could be duplicated for other genres, too.

Participants registering for the Summer Reading Program online will find a complete tool kit to share the program at their school, blog, youth group or local library. Readers can text syncya to 25827 to receive text alerts about featured titles. (Requires OverDrive Media Console as the delivery software.)

Sample pairings:

June 19 – June 25, 2014 I’D TELL YOU I LOVE YOU, BUT THEN I’D HAVE TO KILL YOU by Ally Carter, read by Renee Raudman (Brilliance Audio) – paired with – ANNE OF GREEN GABLES by L.M. Montgomery, read by Colleen Winton (Post Hypnotic Press).

July 31 – August 6, 2014 DIVIDED WE FALL by Trent Reedy, read by Andrew Eiden et al. (Scholastic Audiobooks) – paired with – RED BADGE OF COURAGE by Stephen Crane, read by Frank Muller (Recorded Books).

I still drive around town thinking about the pairings and imaging which women’s fiction books I’d pair with others were I to organize an event like this.

HumpDayBooksTitleImageLOWNow for some specific book news I’m sharing this week: 


JUNE 30, 2014 BOOK RELEASE: Fallen For Rock by Nicky Wells

Fans of UK author Nicky Wells and her Romance that Rocks Your World novels will be thrilled to learn her fifth book, FALLEN FOR ROCK releases this month. Love, life, loyalties. Nothing stays the same when Emily gets drawn into the world of rock. “A thrilling and delicious story of love and self-discovery woven around a broken romance that will make you turn page after page and cheer to the end.” (Warning: FALLEN FOR ROCK contains some explicit content and strong language that may not be suitable for readers under eighteen years of age.)

Connect with Nicky: Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Romantic Novelists’ AssociationSapphire Star Publishing | Amazon | Goodreads |


NEW COVER REVEAL: Big news from three-time author Meredith Schorr: New cover for the fantastic BLOGGER GIRL novel. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing two of Meredith’s novels: BLOGGER GIRL (read it here) and A STATE OF JANE (read it here). What I really love about the new cover is the incorporation of Meredith’s other two books. JUST FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS is on the billboard in light blue and A STATE OF JANE is in blogger girl’s red shopping bag. So super cute!

Connect with Meredith: Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon | Goodreads |


RELEASED ON iAUTHOR: BEWARE THE SEVENTH WAVE by Maureen Gregory – ready to discover on iAuthor.

Click HERE to browse and buy.

About the book: In the novel deceit, obsessive love, betrayal and murder are threaded alongside the fabric of normal life. Emma is convinced she has found the man of her dreams, until she suspects her lover may have a darker side. Was he a cold, calculated killer or a victim in someone else’s deadly game?

Emma believes she will uncover the truth, but are some lies better left undiscovered?

Connect with Maureen: Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon | Goodreads |

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OKAY! So that’s it for today’s Hump Day Books Post. (Whew! I’m exhausted.)

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