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Facebook Jeanie by Addison Westlake


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Oh, now. My, my. This is a fun book! I’ve read it and will be posting my review in the coming week but since today is the official launch day of Addison Westlake’s FACEBOOK JEANIE, I wanted my blog readers … Continue reading

Blogging vs. Bacon by Julie Valerie

Photo Source: Pejorativa

Photo Source: Pejorativa

Blogging vs. Bacon
By Julie Valerie

I love bacon. Almost as much as I love blogging. If I had to make a list of things I love, it would look like this:

  1. Blogging
  2. Bacon

Since this is a post about blogging, I’m going to stay on topic and talk about blogging. Not bacon.

Blogging rocks.

It’s cool because it’s both private and public at the same time. It’s something you do from the privacy of your home, but once done, instantly travels the globe.

And blogging offers some real benefits.

For one, blogging gives you an outlet to express your thoughts, opinions and/or feelings about something. Something … like bacon. I’m sure there’s a gazillion blogs about bacon. (See why blogging’s so great?)

Two, through blogging, you can share your talents and expertise with others and they can share their specialties with you. Bacon? Not so much.

Three, in my case, as a book blogger, blogging is the perfect platform for celebrating the arrival of a new book, or talking about an old book in a new way.

Now I ask you: What’s better than that?


Not even close.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love bacon. Almost as much as I love blogging. But bacon can’t help you market or promote things that are important to you. It just sits there. On your plate. Being bacon-y.

Bacon doesn’t help you establish yourself in a field. Bacon doesn’t let you demonstrate what you know about a topic. Bacon doesn’t network. It doesn’t make connections. It can’t link, like, tweet, post or comment.

Because it’s bacon.

And that’s why, on the list of things I love, blogging comes before bacon.

With one exception: Every morning, when I’m still half asleep and oh, so hungry?

My list looks like this:

  1. Bacon
  2. Blogging

* * * * *

Happy International Bacon Day! This post was originally published on Meredith Schorr’s blog during her Celebration of Bloggers Tour. 

* * * * *