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Julie Valerie, USA

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Queries for coverage on my blog should be sent to the email address listed above. I am active on many social media sites, but may miss your query if it doesn’t land in my email inbox. Thanks!  NOTE: I am closed to book reviews at this time.

Thinking of leaving a comment? Please know that my blog is a happy place for happy people. Trolls, spammers and mean people will be ignored. Because yuck. Who wants that kind of bad energy? Go sit somewhere and think of something nice to say or don’t say anything at all. Ha! So there.


Other Stuff About Me:

me in a nutshell

first name: julie
last name: valerie
(confusing, I know)


I do other stuff, too.



oh, and then there’s this

i’m a

wife to 1 husband (college sweetheart)
mother to 2 daughters (one in college, one in high school)
mother to 2 sons (one in middle school, one in elementary school)
human to 2 dogs (both english labradors, one yellow, one chocolate)

love maps, navigation & getting lost
love to camp but hate snakes
love conspiracy theories & what ifs
prefer scrabble & suduko over crosswords

tea drinker in a coffee world (english breakfast with a sugar)
prefer red wine over white (will dance a jig for a malbec from argentina)

prefer warm soup & cold salad over dead meat
enjoy canning & preserving food
can’t make quinoa to save my life, dang it

pet peeve #1: punch buggie don’t punch back game (so stupid)
pet peeve #2: blatant burping (not funny; it’s gross)
pet peeve #3: blowing your nose at the table (even more gross than blatant burping)

favorite genre: contemporary women’s fiction
favorite bookstore: shakespeare & company, paris france
favorite movies: sideways, english patient, her, p.s. i love you
favorite songs: you are my sunshine, little drummer boy, star spangled banner
favorite color: periwinkle (perfect balance between blue & purple)

can’t spell when writing with a sharpie marker (don’t know why)
can’t say no to a good book, a ‘chick flick’ or a period drama
can’t wait to bring my commercial women’s fiction novel to market

yup, you heard that right

me gotsa novel to share . . .

11 thoughts on “Contact & Social Media

  1. Hey there Julie! I see that I’m mentioned in your author list (yay!), but The Unexpected List (part II of The List Trilogy) is missing on the 2013 book release list (boo!). Any way it can be added? While I’m at it….how about adding part I of the tril- The Life List it to your 52/52 list!? It’s a doozy!
    Thanks Gal! Great blog!!!!
    xoxo, Chrissy Anderson

    The Unexpected List- April 8-2013/Spellbound Books/Chrissy Anderson

    • Oh, Michelle! Whenever I see your profile picture, or comment, or blog post – ANYTHING – affiliated with you – instantly makes me smile. You make blogging so much FUN! You’re like one big party you never want to leave. You bring so much joy, so much happiness. I’m so privileged to blog alongside you. Thank you for nominating me for this award. You’re the bestest. (And yes, I’ve decided: Bestest is a word.)

Yay! I love comments.