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Great news! I’m guest posting on The Eternal Scribbler: Tips, tricks, and tutorials for writers with this nifty article about writing:

Find that Perfect Word: Contemplating Word Choice
A Checklist
by Julie Valerie

Some highlights:

Writing with clarity and careful attention to word choice is important because words convey meaning. Words have power.

To find the perfect word, consider the following:

  • Denotation
  • Connotation
  • Sensory writing
  • Quality of words
  • Formal, informal, archaic
  • General vs. specific
  • Abstract vs. concrete
  • Words that create word pictures
  • Focus
  • Static vs. moving images
  • Figurative language

. . . Curious? Want to learn more?

I explain everything on The Eternal Scribbler website under the “Guest Posters” menu.
Pop in. Read more. And please, while you’re there, say hello in the comment section.

That would be SUPER cool.

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