Join the “Hump Day Books” Blog Hop!

Q: What daaaaay is it?
A: It’s Hump Day!

We’re halfway through the work week. Woo-Hoo!

Let’s party.


“On Hump Day about Books”

* * * * *

What’s a Blog Hop?

A fun and easy way to hop around the blogosphere visiting other blogs, learning new things, and meeting new people.

Mark your calendar. I’ll be throwing a Hump Day Blog Hop on the last Wednesday of every month. The blog hop may start on a Wednesday, but please, party all week. We wouldn’t want the other days to feel left out.

The Hump Day Blog Hop is easy to join.

1. Link up.

Click on the blue “Add your link” button on the bottom left side of this post to add your name and link (the specific web address or “url” of a specific blog post from your website) that you want people to visit.

NOTE: It’s advised you don’t just link to your home page. Select a specific post within your blog and link to that. This particular blog hop does not have a “theme” assigned to it, so feel free to use an existing post of your choice, but choose one you think most blog hoppers will enjoy.

ANOTHER (IMPORTANT) NOTE: Please do not link directly to your book on Amazon. This is not a place for advertising. A blog hop should bring readers to insightful, informative blog posts. Thanks!

2. Link back to the blog hop list.

Because the Hump Day Blog Hop “list of links” exists only on this website (Julie Valerie’s Book Blog), cut and paste the sentence below, then add it to your blog post so that blog-hoppers can find their way back to the list.

Add this sentence to your blog post:

Like to party? Hop along the Hump Day Blog Hop on Julie Valerie’s Book Blog. Click here to return to the Hump Day Blog Hop.

NOTE: If the embedded link in the above sentence does not transfer when you copy and paste it, the URL to use with this sentence is:

3. Be social. 

Spend the next few days and weeks hopping around on the Hump Day Blog Hop visiting other blogs, leaving comments and saying hello – all that good stuff. Because why be on social media if you’re not being social, right? Right.

So. Enough of all that. LET’S HOP!

NOTE: This is the MARCH blog hop. Click here to go to the APRIL Hump Day Blog Hop.

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35 thoughts on “Join the “Hump Day Books” Blog Hop!

    • You are certainly welcome, Georgina. I’ll be hosting a blog hop on the last Wednesday of every month. Mark your calendar!

      So glad you could join us – I hope you have fun hopping around on the blog hop.

      Happy Hump Day.


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  2. Hey Julie! It’s only 5:30 am here, but I woke up ready to party on your blog hop! It’s my first one, so I hope I did it correctly! 🙂

    • You totally did it correctly and I’m so very happy to travel with you on the Hump Day Blog Hop! Loved your marriage post – lots of great statistics on marriage, lots of great insights. Fantastic read. All the posts are so different and so interesting. I’m loving this Hump Day!

    • So glad you’ve hopped on board, Brea! I giggled and chuckled my way through your blog post – so true that writing is like starting a new relationship.

      Hope you’ll join us on the last Wednesday of next month, too. I’m trying to keep the blog hop easy to join so friends can hop easily and have fun.

      Thanks again, Brea!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog, Julie! Here’s the response I wrote there: I love your math, Julie! I couldn’t agree more. I feel the same about my marriage. The 1% is so stinking miserable, I shudder to even think of it! Must go hug my husband now since we’ve thankfully been comfy in the 99% portion for a while lately. Thanks so much for commenting! Off to check out some of these great blog posts!

    • Thanks for hopping around the hop visiting the other blog posts, Patricia. I know this is your first hop – that’s exactly the idea. We all link up, we all read each other’s posts, we all comment, tweet, share the love. It’s fun! And the posts are all so different. I’m really enjoying this! (P.S. I’ll be doing it on the last Wednesday of every month.)

      • Yup, having fun taking work breaks to read, comment, etc. What a great idea! I’ll be looking forward to participating the last Weds of every month! Thanks so much for including me!

    • Take your time! I know by reading your post that you’re probably at work. When you get home, grab a glass wine and fire-up the computer. Then have fun clicking around to say hello to the other passengers. Thanks for hopping, Pauline!

    • So glad you’re on board the Hump Day Blog Hop, Jayne! I was thrilled to hear about your new series. That’s awesome! Have fun hopping around and saying hello to everyone.

      This Wednesday just got a whole lot better! Halfway to the weekend. Woo Hoo!

    • Yes! You’re on board, Sam. Woo Hoo! So glad you could join us.

      Ain’t this grand? So easy to link up. The blog posts are all so different and all so good. I’ve had a great day hopping around. Hope you enjoy!

    • Thanks for hopping along, Amanda. You’ve got great news to share – so glad you’re traveling along with all of us.

      Have you had the chance to visit and comment on the other blogs? Lots of great posts on the Hop. 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for organizing this, Julie! I’m a little late to the party but I’m ready to start hopping! 🙂

    • I’m still scratching my head about that big “H” little “h” thing. You really blew my mind with your post. 😉

      Thank you so much for hopping. It’s so great to reconnect!

  5. Looks like lots of great posts! I’ll check out as many as I can. So many great blogs… so little time! Great idea to have a hop. (I join pet blogger hops all the time – like every week. Really a great way to bring more traffic to your blog.)

    • I am loving this Hump Day Blog Hop – all the posts are so different. I’m so glad I didn’t have a theme for people to write about. The posts are absolutely amazing and all so different. I just keep making tea to drink as I click my way through the posts, leaving comments, and thinking: WOW. Another great post. And another, and another . . .

      P.S. If you ever change your mind about participating – you can simply link-up to an existing post on your blog that you think readers might enjoy. Takes a few seconds to link-up and then you’re on the hop.

      P.S.S. My yellow lab keeps sleeping the day away. Do you think she’ll ever get off the couch and go to school or get a job and start contributing to the household? Or am I supposed to keep feeding her and letting her sleep. I’m beginning to worry.

  6. Good grief! This is the first time I’ve scrolled down far enough to see where to comment. What a noob! Thanks so much for the Blog Hop, Julie. Working my way through the posts and they’re great. 🙂

    • Thanks for joining the Blog Hop, Shelly. I loved your post! This has been a lot of fun – I thought the posts on the Hop were amazing. All so different, all so interesting. So glad you’re enjoying it. 🙂

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  12. Hi, Julie. though skeptical at first, your hop list actually has introduced me to blogs that I otherwise would never have stumbled upon. It is better to be served a collection by a human that knows her stuff and co-writers than by a search engine that goes by keywords. After all, the Pope and poet Pope are one and the same to Google …

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