100+ Pins On My “2015 Reading Challenges” #Pinterest Board

JulieBEAcoffeeToday’s Date: Wednesday, January 7, 2015
(First Wednesday in 2015 – How cool!)

Today’s Topic: 2015 Reading Challenges


Q: What day is it?
A: It’s Wednesday. Hump Day. Great day to talk books, New Year’s resolutions, and 2015 Reading Challenges!

Yes, it’s that time of year again – time for the annual “resetting” of our reading clocks, time for everyone in the book-blogosphere to plan, join and organize their “reading challenges” for the coming year.

For a comprehensive list of reading challenges – checkout the 100+ reading challenge pins on my 2015 Reading Challenges Pinterest board. (And hey, while you’re on Pinterest, let’s connect.)

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The concept of a reading challenge is about to go viral in a big way now that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced he’s reading a book every other week as part of his New Year’s resolution. As far as reading challenges go, 26 books in a year is a bit lame if you ask me, but hey, he’s probably busy with other stuff.

TheEndofPowerBookImageWhat’s not lame is his asking the world to join him in a book discussion on his Facebook “A Year of Books” Community Page. The first book of the year, The End of Power by Moisés Naím, sold out on Amazon in the first 24 hours and I’m sure each title Zuckerberg selects in 2015 will weave its way into the fabric of our culture, for better or for worse.

I wonder if Oprah is jealous.

Image Source: www.truefreethinker.com

Image Source: www.truefreethinker.com

As far as I know, Oprah’s not launching any ‘reading challenges’ per se – rather, continuing with her book club program: Oprah’s Book Club 2.0

Need some tips for sticking to your challenge? 5 Tips for Mark Zuckerberg on Sticking with his 2015 Reading Challenge by Luke Dormehl @lukedormehl via @FastCompany

Now in its fifth year, the Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge is quickly gaining participants and generating all sorts of spin-off groups and challenges in the world’s largest online social media site dedicated solely to books (and owned by Amazon).

If LibraryThing is your preferred social media site for all things books, check out their 50 Book Challenge and the many threaded discussions and groups getting started there.

There’s a reading challenge for every reading taste and reading “themes” are everywhere in the reading challenge world.

I especially like All About Book’s Around the World 2015 reading challenge because I love the idea of mapping my literary “travels” on a Google map embedded on my website.

I also like Books and Chocolate’s Back to the Classics Challenge 2015 for reasons stated in the title (reading the “classics” is a good thing to do) and for the fun prize you can win for reading. If you want to go way-way back, try All Booked Up’s The Pre-Printing Press Challenge.

That Artsy Reader Girl is running a 2015 Debut Author Challenge and My Reader’s Block Vintage Mystery BINGO 2015 reading challenge incorporates a BINGO game.

Check-out the Bibliophilopolis Short Story Reading Challenge, Deal Me In 2015 – you’ll need a deck of 52 cards for this one.

PopSugar’s easy-to-follow 2015 Reading Challenge to read 52 books is getting a lot of attention because they wisely designed an infographic around their challenge that’s already gone quite viral (ah-choo!).

While not all are “reading challenges” I especially love this directory of book blog memes curated by the lovely reader at Bookshelf Fantasies. (I suppose I should reach out to her to see if I can list my Wednesday “Hump Day Books” meme . . . but I’m kinda shy about that sort of stuff. Sure would be fun to let others know about my Wednesday posts and the end-of-month Hump Day Blog Hops.)

I typically set a Goodreads challenge of reading 52 books in 52 weeks. In 2013, I read 57 books and wrote lengthy reviews for about 47 of them on my book blog.

Last year, I set the same goal but failed to keep my Goodreads bookshelves up-to-date so my “2014 Goodreads Reading Challenge” widget is going to show a total far lower than what I actually read. I easily read around 45-47 books in 2014. Many of them unpublished, so they wouldn’t have shown up in the Goodreads world anyway, so there was no way for me to record them. Oh, well.

The same: 52 books in 52 weeks. Although, I can’t commit to writing many book reviews this year because I need to get my own novel into the world this year so I’m trading a lot of my reading (and blogging) time for novel-writing time.

I think 2015 will be a strange new year for me, that’s for sure. I wonder if my challenge to read 52 books will suffer . . .

So folks, I’d love to know: What’s your reading challenge for 2015?


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Happy Hump Day, Everyone!
Wednesday. We’re halfway to the weekend. Woo-Hoo!

4 thoughts on “100+ Pins On My “2015 Reading Challenges” #Pinterest Board

  1. This is a wonderful round-up of reading challenges! The “Around the World” challenge made me wonder about the geography of my reading last year – not bad, but could probably do better.
    I’m aiming for just a handful more than Mr. Zuckerberg, but most of my “reading” will in fact be audiobooks in the car.

  2. If Zuckerberg is slack for his number of TBR, I’m not even gonna tell you mine!!!
    I like the round the world challenge. May investigate that further.
    Thanks Julie, always a font of bookish knowledge.

  3. Hey Julie, I have signed up for some challenges. This is a great post here with lots to check out. I am so, so, so far behind this month, and last. Our granddaughter was here for a couple of weeks and just left this morning. Now I will finally tackle the tree and decorations. I’ve never had them up this late into January. The resolutions that top my list for 2015 are 1. to get more organized with blogging and 2. to work on my TBR. I think they were the same last year, but my TBR grew even more and I never did get my blogging under control. LOL. Do you think this year will be any different?
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s. Sending Hugs.

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