Fiction Writers Blog Hop

2016 Fiction Writers Blog Hop

ALways the Last Wednesday of the Month
Hosted on Julie Valerie’s Book Blog






Q: Why join a blog hop?
A: Because it’s fun. And this is social media. We’re supposed to be social. ūüôā

Not convinced? Blog Hops: Comprehensive List of Benefits

If you want to see what it looks like in action?¬†Here’s a sample:¬†Fiction Writers Blog Hop.¬†

How to Join the Fiction Writers Blog Hop

1. When & Where: Always the last Wednesday of the month on the home page¬†of this website. (The page you are reading right now is the¬†instructions. The actual “live,” active blog hop on the last Wednesday of the month will be always be located on my home page.)

You can participate in two ways:

  • As a reader: On the last Wednesday of the month, go to my home page and click on the square-shaped pictures. These “picture links” will whisk you around the blogosphere to great content. Meet authors and¬†writers, read their blog posts until your heart’s content, and if you want, use this opportunity to network by leaving comments and/or sharing their content on social media. (That would be awesome.)
  • As a writer, book blogger,¬†book industry insider or content creator: You can create a square-shaped link that brings readers¬†to an article on YOUR website. If you wish to do this, follow steps 2 and 3 below.

2. When & How to Add Your Link:¬†The blog hop is held on the last Wednesday of the month but it¬†typically “goes live” on the home page¬†of this¬†website the night before (Tuesday) at 5pm EST (New York/Washington). So, wait for the clock to strike¬†5pm on Tuesday night, click on¬†my¬†home page (not this page – this is just the instructions), and presto! I’ll publish it – and you’ll see it. You can add your link any time from 5pm the night before the hop (Tuesday) through 11:59pm the day of the hop¬†(Wednesday).

Now, after the blog hop is “live” on my website, do this:

Look towards the bottom of the post and click on the blue ‚ÄúAdd Your Link‚ÄĚ button to add your¬†URL (your link) to the¬†blog hop. Ta-dah! You’ve just linked your website to the blog hop. Now, it’s time to link back.

Do this:

3. Link Back:¬†This is the important part. Readers¬†clicking on the square-shaped links to¬†“hop” around to the different websites need to¬†find their way back to the collection of square-shaped links housed on my home page so they can keep moving between the websites. Otherwise, they may “dead-end” at someone’s website.

Therefore, add this sentence to your featured blog post on your website:

Thanks for reading! To return to the FICTION WRITERS BLOG HOP on Julie Valerie’s website, click here:

This¬†sentence and its link¬†will bring the reading hoppers back to the blog hop¬†on my home page¬†where the collection¬†of square-shaped picture links is¬†located. That’s why your adding this sentence and its link is so important.¬†NOTE: Every month,¬†I will be editing the¬†month part of¬†the above link (e.g. the ‘aug-2016’ part of the above link will become ‘sep-2016’ next month, and so on). So¬†if you plan to join us every month, remember to¬†consult this page to grab¬†the proper¬†month’s unique link.

Optional Topics: Write about a book-related topic of your choice – OR – use this list of optional topics to be inspired.

Sample List of Optional Topics
Book Clubs
September: Libraries
October: 2017 Writing Goals
No Fiction Writers Blog Hop in November or December ‚Äď enjoy your holidays!

Final thoughts:

All book lovers welcome.¬†Writers, readers, book bloggers, book groups, industry people.¬†|| Be social.¬†If you add a link to the blog hop, take a moment¬†to visit others and tweet, comment and/or share. ||¬†But don’t be spammy. No links to your books on Amazon, please. And please choose a blog post you think others will enjoy reading. Avoid linking to something of little value to the reader.¬†||¬†One last thing. Some of my daughters’ friends (high schoolers) follow my blog. So please, no erotica.

Okay, that’s it.¬†LET‚ÄôS HOP!¬†

Oh, wait. One more thing. NOTE:¬†Before Twitter removed the tweet count function of social media buttons, each and every month the Fiction Writers Blog Hop ever ran – it enjoyed 100+ outbound tweets from my home page, not to mention RTs of those tweets on the Twitter platform plus tweets generated through other conversations on Twitter and channels not originating from my¬†website. So please continue to use the tweet button – and remember, while we can’t see the number of tweets, trust me, it’s a fun day on social media.